About My Cartoon Heart

My Cartoon Heart (Spencer Goll) is a Seattle based singer/songwriter, guitarist and producer. He began his musical journey at age eight, learning to read music and sing choral pieces at his local parish. After three years of formal training with piano, Spencer picked up the guitar and began listening to classic rock artists like the Beatles, Paul Simon, Jimmy Hendrix and Eric Clapton. Spencer began writing original music just one year later and since then has written over 200 songs, most with an element of folk, pop or rock rhythm and lyrics.

After 3 albums and 2 full bands of singer/songwriter esque, acoustic pop music, Spencer began focusing on producing electronic pop and EDM songs, featuring other artists and aiming at getting his listeners dancing and singing along.

His latest album, “That Was Then (This Is Now)” is a dance pop blend of synthesizers, harmonies, rises and bass drops that stick in the listeners head and channel top 40 artists like Calvin Harris, Justin Timberlake, Frank Ocean, Avicci and One Republic.

What Are People Saying About Us?

“My Cartoon Heart is filled with catchy melodies, harmonies and progressions. They’re fun, easy to work with and will be making a serious plunge into Seattle’s pop music scene with their new record “That Was Then, This Is Now” – Soul Sound Audio
“In the world of pop music, it is very easy to remain a passive observer, but My Cartoon Heart refuses. They have generated 10 eclectic songs that all but beg to be the new soundtrack for your beach days and late night drives. That Was Then (This is Now) is clearly a love letter to the world of electronic music crafted with care by friends, and that is something special.”- Northwest Music Scene
“My Cartoon Heart is a premier showcase of some of the best musical talent in the Pacific Northwest. True to the Seattle musical spirit, they are pushing boundaries and graying genre lines to create a unique sound that translates just as well on a dance floor as it does in a concert hall. I’m excited to see what Spencer has up his sleeve next and will be following My Cartoon Heart long into the future.” – Ted Spealman (Dance Music Northwest)
“My Cartoon Heart’s “That Was Then, This Is Now” is a well polished, good times dance-pop record that will have you getting up to get down on the dance floor.” -Sean DeTore, Kiro Radio